Rens van Beek

Dr. Rens (L.P.H.) van Beek




Postal address and coordinates

Department of Physical Geography
Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University
P.O. Box80115
3508 TC Utrecht
Tel. +31 (0) 30 253 2777/2749
Fax: +31 (0) 30 253 1145
Email: r.vanbeek at
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Visiting address
De Uithof
Willem C. van Unnik Building
Heidelberglaan 2
3584 CS Utrecht
Room 110 of Zonneveld Wing 

Short CV
Rens van Beek (1969) received his MSc in Physical Geography from Utrecht University in 1993 and his PhD in Physical Geography from Utrecht University in 2002. Prior to attaining his current position in 2007, he worked as research assistant and post-doctoral researcher at Coventry University, University of Amsterdam and Utrecht University. Rens van Beek’s field of expertise are unsaturated one hydrology, land degradation and soil mechanics with particular emphasis on the effects of vegetation on slope stability. He is developed the first version of the large-scale hydrological model PCR-GLOBWB and is closely involved in its further development as well as research that uses this model and in relation to climate variability and change, the transport of nutrients in river systems, global flooding and wetland dynamics. Recent work involves the development of the meso-scale landscape evolution model CALEROS that also involves human impacts on landscape development. Rens van Beek (co-)authored over 50 journal papers and the book “Slope Stability and Erosion Control: Ecotechnological Solutions (2008).

GEO1-1114 Physics
GEO3-4303 Land degradation
GEO4-4404 Land surface hydrology