Marc Bierkens

  • Prof. dr. Marc F.P. Bierkens

Professor of Hydrology at Utrecht University,
Chair of Earth Surface Hydrology Group,
at Department of Physical Geography (80%)

Senior Scientist at Deltares (20%), Unit Soil and Groundwater systems, P.O. Box 80015, 3508 TA Utrecht, Netherlands (20%).

Postal address and coordinates
Department of Physical Geography
Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University
P.O. Box80115
3508 TC Utrecht
Tel. +31 (0) 30 253 2777/2749
Fax: +31 (0) 30 253 1145
Email: m.f.p.bierkens at
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Visiting address
De Uithof
Willem C. van Unnik Building
Heidelberglaan 2
3584 CS Utrecht
Room 109 of Zonneveld Wing 

Short CV
Marc Bierkens (1965) holds the chair in Earth Surface Hydrology at the Department of Physical Geography at Utrecht University and was acting chairman of the department of Physical Geography between March 2010 and May 2015. He received his MSc in Hydrology from Wageningen University (1990), a PhD in Physical Geography from Utrecht University (1994) and became professor of Hydrology at Utrecht University in 2002. He is also partly employed by Deltares In between 1994 and 2002 he worked as a senior scientist and team leader at Alterra Research Institute in Wageningen. Marc Bierkens’ fields of expertise are groundwater hydrology, stochastic hydrology, hydrological regionalisation, upscaling theory and geostatistics. Recently initiated work comprises integrated modelling of soil-water-vegetation dynamics, data-assimilation methods for operational water management and global scale hydrological modelling in relation to climate change and water availability. Marc Bierkens is a fellow of the American Geophysical Union and member of the European Geosciences Union and the International Association of Hydrological Sciences and is  editor for Water Resources Research. He was chairman of the Boussinesq Center, the network of university hydrology groups in the Netherlands (2007-2011) and was chairman of the Netherlands Hydrology Society (2011-2017),  representing  over 600 hydrology professionals. He co-organised the IAHS ModelCARE conference in 2005 in The Netherlands. He was supervisor on 23 completed PhD theses and has been a committee member on > 80. Marc Bierkens (co-) authored about 220 publications, >150 of these appeared in international peer-reviewed journals. He is principal author of the book “Upscaling and Downscaling Methods for Environmental Research” (2002), co-author of the book “Sampling for Natural Resource Monitoring” (2006) and editor of the book “Climate and the Hydrological Cycle” (2008).

GEO4-4417 Unsaturated Zone Hydrology
GEO4-4420 Stochastic Hydrology