Inge de Graaf

Inge de Graaf MSc.


PhD candidate (Global Hydrology)
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GEO2-4203 Physical Hydrology

Postal address and coordinates
Department of Physical Geography
Faculty of Geosciences, Utrecht University
P.O. Box 80115
3508 TC Utrecht
Tel. +31 (0) 30 253 2183
Fax: +31 (0) 30 253 1145
Email: i.e.m.degraaf at
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Visiting address
De Uithof
Willem C. van Unnik Building
Heidelberglaan 2
3584 CS Utrecht
Room: 112 Zonneveld Wing

PhD Research
In September 2011 I started my PhD research: “Limits to global groundwater abstraction: effects on low flows and groundwater levels”. In regions with frequent water stress and large aquifer systems, groundwater is often used to satisfy water demands. Overexploitation of groundwater leads to a decline in groundwater levels, which can have devastating effects on e.g. natural streamflow and agricultural productivity. In my PhD I will study the limits of global groundwater consumption. To this end I will extend the global hydrological model PCR-GLOBWB with a global groundwater model (MODFLOW). The resulting coupled model will first be used to analyze the effects of groundwater abstractions on global groundwater levels and low streamflows (for the period 1960-2000). Secondly, climate scenarios and related groundwater abstraction scenarios for the 21st century will be used to estimate when and where limits to groundwater consumption are reached.

I received my MSc. in Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management from Wageningen University in 2011.