Faculty and Staff

Prof. dr. Marc F.P. Bierkens (full professor, chair)

Prof.  dr. F.C. van Geer
(adjunct professor 20%, 80% at TNO)

Dr. M. Hendriks
(associate professor; bachelor co-ordinator)

Dr. D.J. Karssenberg
(assistant professor)

Dr. L.P.H. van Beek
(assistant professor)

Dr. W.W. Immerzeel  (assistant professor; VENI project Himalayan Water Towers)

Dr. Oliver Schmitz (Geo-informatics support)


Dr. Joyce Bosmans – impact of anthropogenic changes to the global water cycle on regional and global climate

Dr. Emily Collier – high-resolution modelling of atmospheric dynamics and glacier mass balance in the Nepalese Himalaya

Dr. Edwin Sutanudjaja – eScienceCenter Project eWaterCycle

Dr. Yoshihide Wada
– Global Water and Food Security


PhD students

 In our group

Inge de Graaf – Limits to global groundwater consumption: effects on low flows and groundwater levels

Jannis Hoch – Global high-resolution modelling of current and future river flood hazard to support planning, adaptation and re-Insurance

Sebastian Huizer – The effect of mega-nourishments on freshwater reserves, salt water intrusion and fresh water outflow. Part of project S5  Hydrology and Geochemistry of the program Nature-driven nourishment of coastal systems (NatureCoast)





Patricia Lopez-Lopez – Regional downscaling of global water resources models (EU project EartH2Observe) with Dr. Geert Sterk.

Aris Lourens– Monitoring Strategy for Hydrogeological parameters

Arthur Lutz – Mountain Hydrology at the large river basin scale





Stefanie Peßenteiner – Global hydrology and water resources modeling and re-analysis (EU project EartH2Observe)

Naze Candogan-Yossef – Global medium range forecasting of River discharge

Associated with our group (One of our Faculty promotor or co-promotor)

Sibren Loos
– (with Prof. Hans Middelkoop) Nutrient dynamics in large river basins

Judith Verstegen
(with Prof. A. Faaij) – Regional biomass resource availability and dynamics

Recent  and current MSc students
David Anthony
Kasper de Lange
Rene Wijngaard
Lizzie Meijer
Yasmin Faray
Jens de Bruin

Former PhD Students
Niko Wanders (With Prof. Steven de Jong)- Improving near real-time flood forecasting using multi-sensor soil moisture assessment
Brian Dermody – (with dr. Stefan Dekker and Prof. Martin Wassen) impact of land use change during the Roman Classical Period on climate in the Mediterranean.
Oliver Schmitz – Design and implementation of a life cycle management system supporting model component construction and integration for modelling coupled spatio-temporal systems
Ekkamol (Top) Vannametee – Nested modelling of the discharge from large catchments using hydromorphological units
Frederiek Sperna-Weiland– Facility for assessment of climate change on global hydrology
Joachim Rozemeijer – Dynamics of groundwater and surface water quality
Reinder Brolsma – Vegetation patterning groundwater dependent ecosystems
Ate Visser – Trends in groundwater and surface water quality
Hanneke Schuurmans – On-line DA and ensemble forecasting groundwater and soil moisture

Former associated PhD students
Paul Hiemstra -Real-time automatic interpolation of ambient gamma dose rates.
Arnout van Loon – Fragmentation in groundwater dependent ecosystems
Julia Arieira Couto – Spatial Variability of Vegetation in Response to the Edaphical, Hydrological and Topographical Conditions in North Pantanal, Mato Grosso (Brazil).
Hans van der Kwast – Integration of remote sensing in soil moisture modelling
Kees Vink – Continuing lines: application of heuristic optimisation techniques for spatial environmental problems with multiple objectives.

Former postdocs

Dr. Menno Straatsma – Climate KIC innovation project

Dr. Dominik Wisser