Geomorphology and dryland ecohydrology: two new publications

Our group (co-)authored two new publications:

1. A publication on automated geomorphological mapping to delineate hydrologic response units for semi-distributed catchment modeling:

E. Vannametee, L.V. Babel, M.R. Hendriks, J. Schuur, S.M. de Jong, M.F.P. Bierkens, D. Karssenberg, 2014. Semi-automated mapping of landforms using multiple point geostatistics. Geomorphology 221,  298-319.

2. A publication on dryland ecohydrology showing how semi-arid patterned ecosystems behave under changes in rainfall intensity. A surprising result is that that, for a constant annual rainfall rate, both an increase and a decrease in mean rainfall intensity can trigger desertification. Sea the publication at:

Siteur, K., M. B. Eppinga,,  D. Karssenberg, M. Baudena, M. F. P. Bierkens, and M. Rietkerk, 2014. How will increases in rainfall intensity affect semiarid ecosystems? Water Resources Research  50, 5980–6001.