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Group members will be present on the 7th International Scientific Conference on the Global Water and Energy Cycle in the Hague.

Marc Bierkens: session chair in Everest I and II on monday July 14 15:30-17:30

Edwin Sutanudjaja: talk in Wolrd Forum theater: tuesday july 15 11:15-11:30.


Monday: Patricia Lopez (9-14); Nick van de Giesen/Edwin Sutanudjaja/Marc Bierkens (9-25)

Tuesday: Inge de Graaf (12-1)

Wednesday: Niko Wanders (14-15); Rianne Giesen/Walter Immerzeel (18-2); Walter immerzeel/Arthur Lutz (18-2)

See the conference site:


Contribution to GFDRR report and policy note on “understanding risk”

Our group contributed to the report and policy note  Understanding Risk: the Evolution of Disaster Risk Assessment issued by the GLOBAL FACILITY FOR DISASTER REDUCTION AND RECOVERY and paid for by World Bank. Our contribution, a case study (Bangladesh) and an example of the GLOFRIS framework, was lead by VU University in co-operation with Deltares and PBL.

Download the report and the policy note here!




Soil moisture assimilation and flood forecasting

Niko Wanders et al. published a paper in HESS investigating the improvement in flood forecasting when assimilating simultaneously different soil moisture products. See his paper at:


Wanders, N., Karssenberg, D., de Roo, A., de Jong, S. M., and Bierkens, M. F. P., 2014. The suitability of remotely sensed soil moisture for improving operational flood forecasting, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 18, 2343-2357.