Three new publications leading up to PCR-GLOBWB 2.0 are online!

Three recent publications on our global hydrological model PCR-GLOBWB  are on-line. The work in these papers is a precursor to the launch of PCR-GLOBWB 2.0.

These are:

Wada, Y.,  D. Wisser, and M. F. P. Bierkens, 2014. Global modeling of withdrawal, allocation and consumptive use of surface water and groundwater resources
Earth System Dynamics 5, 15-40.

De Graaf, I.E.M., L.P.H. van Beek, Y. Wada, M.F.P. Bierkens, 2014. Dynamic attribution of global water demand to surface water and groundwater resources: Effects of abstractions and return flows on river discharges  Advances in Water Resources 64, 21-33.

and a first full coupled groundwater-surface water version applied to the Rhine-Meuse basin:

Sutanudjaja, E.H., L.P.H. van Beek, S.M. de Jong, F.C. van Geer, and M.F.P. Bierkens 2014. Calibrating a large- extent high-resolution coupled groundwater-land surface model using soil moisture and discharge data. Water Resources Research 50, doi :10.1002/2013WR013807.