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Check out these new publications from members of our group that recently appeared on line:

Vannametee, E., D. Karssenberg, M. R. Hendriks and M. F. P. Bierkens, 2013. Hortonian runoff closure relations for geomorphologic response units: evaluation against field data. Hydrology and Earth System Science 17, 2981-3004.

Candogan-Yossef, N, H. Winsemius, A. Weerts, R. van Beek, and M. F. P. Bierkens, 2013. Skill of a global seasonal streamflow forecasting system, relative roles of initial conditions and meteorological forcing. Water Resources Research 49, doi:10.1002/wrcr.20350.

Schmitz, O., D. Karssenberg, K. de Jong, J.-L. de Kok and S.M. de Jong, 2013. Map algebra and model algebra for integrated model building. Environmental Modelling & Software 48, 113-128.

Sutanudjaja, E.H., S.M. de Jong, F.C. van Geer, M.F.P. Bierkens, 2013. Using ERS spaceborne microwave soil moisture observations to predict groundwater head in space and time. Remote Sensing of Environment 138, 172-188.


New publication on Himalayan glaciers in Nature Geoscience

In a new publication in Nature Geoscience Walter Immerzeel and Marc Bierkens project an increase in runoff from Himalayan catchmants during the 21st century, despite a decline in glacier size.  See why and how on:

or read the Utrecht University press release:

reference: W.W. Immerzeel, F. Pellicciotti en M.F.P. Bierkens, ‘Rising river flows throughout the twenty-first century in two Himalayan glacierized watersheds’, Nature Geoscience, doi:10.1038/ngeo1896, 2013.