Two new publications in AMS Journals

Two new publications appeared in journals of the American Meteorological Society with contributions from our group:

1) In BAMS: a position paper calling for setting up a global drought forecasting infrastructure. Our group may contribute one of the global models that can calculate soil moisture drought and hydrological drought.

Pozzi, W. et al., 2013: Toward global drought early warning capability: expanding international cooperation for the development of a framework for monitoring and forecasting. Bull. Amer. Meteor. Soc., 94, 776–785. doi:

2) In the Journal of Climate: a paper where observed sea-level change is attributed to the various components (ice sheets, glaciers, thermal expansion, terrestrial water storage change), and all possible combinations of different model approaches that yield the same observed sea-level curve are determined to assess uncertainties. Our group is one of the two groups in the world that has contributed data on the effects of terrestrial water storage change (in particular groundwater depletion) on sea-level variation. This study is likely to be an important reference for the sea-level chapter in the next IPCC report:

Gregory, J. M., et al., 2013: Twentieth-century global-mean sea level rise: is the whole greater than the sum of the parts?. J. Climate, 26, 4476–4499.